Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chicken and Rice for less than 2 dollars

Ingredients:   Cheap chicken pieces.  Rice is always cheap.  Pasta sauce (homebrand)
Also some herbs really make this dish.  I used italian herbs, ready made in those little shaker containers.  Cheese.

This can be a pretty tasty meal but most people might think its too bland because its so easy to make.  However it does come up pretty good if youre hungry and have a feel for making nice food.

Fry or bake chicken (add herbs)
Add some pasta sauce to rice and chicken
You now have a tasty filling meal for less than 2 dollars a serve.

I put some pasta sauce on the chicken for a few mintues at the end of frying to get them nice and saucy.  A few more dollops on the rice.  Cheese on top.  Not too bad and really cheap.

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